Coronavirus and all that

Being in lock down for a month has separated archivist and archive material. Much of the work is in a limbo between knowing the shape of the story but lacking the details.


The closure of access to free public library internet ancestry services has stopped the detailed work on individuals and the ready access to local paper sources. As the work required several of these at irregular intervals they do not justify the combined cost.

The significant information gained from 13th Archive has been returned to the 13th Cambridge, many of the details intergrated into existing articles and the previous histoires published. The work done at the Leys School Archive (60th) has been interrupted mid flow. Much needs clarification.

Some pieces may yet be published, but without a final search they are often missing a final reference point – even if it is a negative one. These may not appear in any article but do reassure me that the work has been worked up to a point with no obvious loose ends.

On the up side viewing figures, after an initial dip, are hitting new highs – for the moment. The publication on the Cambridgeshire Scout Facebook page every second day has helped spread the word and is appreciated, beyond the ‘likes’ gained.


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