East Cambridgeshire 1935: Mid Cambs.

Mid Cambridgeshire/ Mid Cambs.

Cambridge District Scout Archive

This use of the name East Cambridgeshire predates the amalgamation of Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire in 1977.  They do not cover the same geographical area.

The name changed even on the original Form A – B registration.  In 1934 the District ‘Cambridge’ was divided into three administrative sub districts designated Cambridge, North Cambridge, and South Cambridge in 1934.  In 1935 the areas were made into four separate Districts: Cambridge, West Cambridge (which quickly faded) South Cambridge and East Cambridge which had been called North Cambridge.  East Cambridge later became Mid Cambs.

North Cambridge (1934) = East Cambridge (1935) = Mid Cambridgeshire (1935)

A previous division of Cambridge into the administrative sub divisions North, East, South West, had occurred in the 1920’s. Details are unclear.

Geographically the District in 1935 was

Southern limit – Cambridge, Linton Road, junction with the London Newmarket Road at cross roads two miles north of Abington: Eastern limit   Devils Ditch, junction with Newmarket Road : Northern Limit  Bounded by Ely District (the old west river) : Western Limit – River Ouse, boundary Fen Drayton along Huntingdon Road to Cambridge

Eight Groups 1935

15313  Bottisham   Previously 59th Cambridge      Bottisham

9749    Histon                               Previously 35th Cambridge Histon             

12735  Landbeach                       Previously 45th Cambridge Landbeach      

7564    Littleton House School  Previously 16th Cambridge LHS

16978  Lode                                Previously 66th Cambridge      Lode   

16458  Milton                             Previously 65th Cambridge      Milton

16459  Swaffham Bulbeck      Previously 67th Cambridge Swaffham Bulbeck

15820  Wilbraham                     Previously 63rd Cambridge     Wilbraham     

DC in 1941 was A J Parr