5th Cambridge: Perse

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The Perse school plays a very important role in the start and the early years of Cambridge Scouting.

The notable headmaster Dr W H D Rouse, 1902 – 1928, was instrumental in inviting Baden Powell to talk in Cambridge, hosted the event, invited many others from across Cambridge, hosted one of the first Scout Troops and was co chair of the early Cambridge District.

An innovator and enthusiast he had a reputation for questioning established ways and was active in devising new methods in education. His ‘Direct Method’ of teaching languages gained financial support from the Government. His direct involvement did not persist beyond the first few years but Scouting was taken up by a number of long term teachers, perhaps most notably MacFarlene-Grieve.

A full history of the first fifty years has been compiled by the school. Items from the record have been used to illustrate the site. This lengthy record, seemingly taken for the most part from termly school reports, names many leaders, boys and activities.

The considerable task of compiling the second fifty years from school records has not yet been tackled although many small pieces about the 5th Cambridge (Perse) Scouts have been pulled from District archives. They do not yet make a single history.

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JWR Archivist Sept 2020