Cambridge Badge Book

Cambridge District Scout Archive

This locally printed badge book for the Cambridge and District Boy Scout Association has been partially (and poorly) copied here. Dating from the later half of the 1920’s it details the changing badges (Wolf Cub signaller badge now withdrawn), the changes in external examiners for badges and those badges that could be awarded directly by the SM.

Badges were available for issue from the Grafton Street HQ during one hour on a Friday evening, or by letter.

A three part certificate was printed, the counterfoil to be held by the Scouter and the central portion to be completed by the examiner. The central part was then presented to the Badge Secretary. The final portion was retained by the Scout. Two sets of personal Certificates (the outermost of the three sections) retained by the recipients, have come into central archives. Some stubs are also held and inform other reviews of badges.

The example below and others was presumably held by Ken North (later recipient of the Silver Wolf) and was passed to the 13th with other personal memorabilia. It dates from c 1929/1930 and predates the version above. Ken North was later Badge Secretary for many years.

JWR Archivist Apr 2019