3rd Cambridge District

Cambridge District Scout Archive

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The following Villages have been listed as 3rd Cambridge District at the following dates. ‘Lolworth and Duxford may be shorthand versions of the names, but as each Troop re registered each year changes were readily made.

1910 Newton/ Harston/ Shelford

1910 Newton

1910 1st Newton

1912 Longstanton and Lolworth

1912 Longstanton, Lolworth and Willingham to 1915

1919 Lolworth Refounded after the Great War

1919 Cherry Hinton P Pack was associated with 3rd Cambridge District at this date. Possibly an error.

1920 Willingham

1927 Duxford to 1928 probably continuous to –

1934 Duxford and Ickleton to South Cambridge 1934/35

The scarf colours below are associated with lists that just give ‘3rd Cambridge District and do not list the names.

Identified by C T Wood Album as possibly Lolworth

Duxford (3rd from 1923, previously 11th District from 1912) also recorded as Duxford and Ickleton.

1935 09 04 – James Binney purchased the Manor of Pampisford with the mansion, grounds and estate in 1895. He served as a Magistrate, Deputy-Lieutenant and High Sheriff as well as special constable, churchwarden, chairman of the parish council and Commandant of Duxford and Ickleton Boy Scouts. From Mike Petty Cambridgeshire History Facebook

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