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A group that owns a building as a permanent Headquarters is very well equipped to expand into many more activities than one who rents space.

Over and above the blessings of storage (never enough) is the permission to place a ‘Scout’ imprint upon the space. The following snippets are intended to name the groups that have worked towards this step. It does not include groups provided with permanent space by a school.

4th Cambridge opened 17th September 1977

Built off Corrie Road/ Rustat Road with the 17th Guide Company this building still stands and is in use by Guides and Explorers.

9th/11th Cambridge

Land adjacent to Newnham Croft school

12th Cambridge opened 11/6/1962

Impression of the 12th HQ
fundraising activities of the 12th

13th Cambridge

1931  It was during this period the “Notts” legacy became available, and this was used to pay for the Marmora Road Headquarters

1961 The extension of the Marmora Road Headquarters was opened on May 13th, 1961 This new part of the headquarters had already been in use for some months – much of the actual erecting, site preparation, etc., was carried out by John Chambers and his contemporaries (unrecorded hours of extreme hard labour of which few people know). From History of the 13th Rabbitmail

16th Cambridge

26th Cambridge

28th Cambridge opened   Nov 1978 by CC Harry Mainwaring

29th Cambridge

1960       East Barnwell’s new scout hall opened Stenesfield Road– 60 05 17 Mike Petty

2015 23rd March Rebuilt on a diminished plot with an entrance on Thoreley Road, new housing and a Section 106 grant funding the new building.

44th Cambridge

A building behind the village hall Trumpington appears to have been a designated Scout HQ.

54th Cambridge

57th Cambridge


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