Police support of Scouting

Cambridge District Scout Archive

From the beginning the Police were well represented in the Local Association and gave support to the Cambridge Scouts from the highest level. The following is a formal Police encouragement to Officers become involved. The district involved is not recorded.

The Headquarters Gazette 1911

The local records list Chief Constables, from both Cambridge City and Cambridgeshire. The dates of the posts overlap. A list is added below. They were often in post for many years but as the two forces were amalgamated and the post moved to shorter terms the connection diminished. The following Chief Constables (CC) have been involved.

It is of note that CC, Chief Constable, and CC, County Commissioner, have also caused confusion in my reading of the archives, not least when they write to each other.

CC C J D Stretton Chief Constable 1916

CC R J Pearson, was a member in the 1920’s.  His address was given as the District Police.

W Varney Webb was Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire.  He became District Scout Secretary in 1925 and Chair from 1927 to 1936.  He is recorded as being involved in Scouting in 1921.

Police Courses had been initiated pre war with the Perse.

B N Bebbington was the Chief Constable and became a member of the Association in 1945 and had been involved in the formation of Scout Training in Police Work.  When he spoke at the 1946 AGM he was greeted with applause.  His topic was a pioneer course in Police work for Scouts and he was very appreciative of the keenness and enthusiasm of the scouts. He wrote an article on the topic for The Scouter in Oct 1946.  When he died his obituary was published in the Cambridge Scout Gazette and he was recalled as ‘a friend of Scouting.’      

The Scouter 1946

B N Bebbington was involved in the setting and marking of the ??? Query competion for many years.

 Cambridge Archive

1946    The proposed Scout Training was a series of two hour lectures, visits and demonstrations fortnightly, one of which is listed in the District Minutes in April 1946 as Accident Prevention.

It may be co-incidental that the local Magistrates Cinema? Fund donated £50 for the purpose of camping Holidays in the Summer.


The Police continue to support organisations that reach out to the marginalised.
They have offered their support to groups that involve Travellers in organised clubs.

In my scouting experience they are willing to interact with the group and if we no longer see Chief Constables actively involved maybe that need has passed.

Chief Constable Borough of Cambridge                  City of Cambridge Police

  • Charles Edward Holland       Chief Constable 1894 – 1919
  • R J Pearson                              Chief Constable 1919 – 1943 
  • Bernard N Bebbington          Chief Constable 1944 –          

Chief Constable of the County of Cambridge Cambridgeshire Constabulary

  • Charles Stretton                      Chief Constable 1888 – 1915
  •             (A Hargreaves acting)
  • William Varney Webb           Chief Constable 1919 – 1934?            Exec member  1921   
  • W V Smith                               Chief Constable      – 1934
  • W Winter                                Chief Constable      – 1941
  • W H Edwards                         Chief Constable 1941 –

1963 City and County Forces combined                  Mid Anglia Constabulary later Cambridgeshire Constabulary

  • Frederick Drayton Porter    Chief Constable 1963 –