D Pack: Chesterton Preparatory School

Cambridge District Scout Archive

  • De Freville Preparatory School        1918
  • Chesteron Preparatory School        1919 – 1925

De Freville Preparatory School        1918

From https://www.british-history.ac.uk/vch/cambs/vol9/pp36-38 we have the following history.

‘Among private schools in the 20th century was Chesterton Preparatory school, opened in 1910 at the south end of De Freville Avenue as a junior branch for the Perse school with which it was linked until c. 1920. Its first head, Katherine A. Wilson, was a pioneer of teaching through play. With 50 pupils in 1914, it remained open until 1972 in its original corrugated iron classrooms.’

It appears likely that the original ‘De Freville Preparatory School’ is an error or temporary name change and the De Freville and Chesterton Preparatory School are the same. The school is listed as ‘Dr. Rouses’s Chesterton Prep School in the 1919 – 1920 Spalding’s Directory of Cambridge. Dr. Rouse, headmaster of the Perse, was the director.

Chesterton Preparatory School       1919 – 1925

Preceded as D Pack by De Freville Preparatory School it might be the same physical institution under an earlier name.

A controlled pack based at the school under Headmistress Miss Wilson the registration of 1925 gives

CM      Mary Sophia Pim        Training School for Women, Cambridge

                                                And      Wollaston Road

The pack had one officer and eight Cubs and an IHQ number of  possibly 4615 but it is unclear.

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