Wolf Cub and Cub Scout Awards

Cambridge District Scout Archive

This is a summery of the changes in ‘Cub’ awards

1916    A system similar to the Boy Scout scheme was devised.  The awards being

  • Tenderpad
  • First Star
  • Second Star
  • Leaping Wolf was added later which required Cubs to move up to the Scout Troop.

In parallel Cubs and Scouts able to earn Proficiency Badges for specific skills and hobbies

1946    The test requirements for Baden-Powell’s scheme were revised in 1946 and again in 1958 without altering the basic structure

1966    The Advance Party Report led to a new Progressive Training Scheme;

Cub Scouts

  • Bronze Arrow
  • Silver Arrow
  • Gold Arrow

 From then on, the programme has been subject to regular revision.

Little remains of the concerns at the 1966/67 change from the Stars to the Arrows.  A 1969 Perse school report reads ‘Arrows are not quite as easy as stars’ and describes how the new syllabus included simple cooking on a wood fire.  It is not clear if the difficulties were related to the leaders skill set or the lack of a suitable campfire pit. The pack, which varied in size between 30 and 42, recorded nearly all boys as attaining Bronze and ’72 4 Silver, 2 Gold; ’72 7 Silver, 1 Gold, ’74 10 Silver, 3 Gold; ’77 15 Silver 6 Gold. As a selective school the expectations and focus on achieving these markers may have been an influence.


  • Cub Scout Award,
  • Adventure Award and
  • Adventure Crest Award.

2002    ‘Programme Review’

Balanced Programme replaced the previous scheme. Proficiency Badges were revised and renamed Activity Badges.     

The ladder of awards was extended to cover all sections, one rung in each of the first three sections, the last three spread over the Explorer and Network Sections.

Programme Zones linked to Challenge Badges and covered the core training requirements.  All of the Challenge Badges must be completed to achieve the highest award in that Section.

  • Beavers           – Challenge Awards                 Bronze Chief Scout Award
  • Cubs                – Challenge Awards                 Silver Chief Scout Award
  • Scouts             – Challenge Awards                 Gold Chief Scout Award
  • Explorers                                                         Platinum Chief Scout Award

and                                                                  Diamond Chief Scout Award

  • Network                                                          Queens Scout Award

2015:   ‘Programme Refresh’

The programme was given a general makeover in ‘Programme Refresh’.  The structure of Challenge Badges and Chief Scout’s Awards has been retained but the content has been revised and made “more challenging”.

Cambridge Archives

1951                5th Cambridge             ‘too many are not even first class, a sorry record after a year or more of membership.’

1952                5th Cambridge             ‘ it would be pleasant to record that once again all PLs are First Class Scouts.  But alas it is not so,’

1952                5th Cambridge             ‘it is disappointing that so many Scouts have been in the Troop for a year without gaining second class.  How much longer are you going to let your name appear on the Black List?’       

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