CUSAGC Marathon Hike

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Marathon Challenge is Cambridge University Scout and Guide Club annual incident hike for Explorers and Leaders.  It takes the form of 26 points the shortest distance between which is 26 miles with four checkpoints where challenges allow teams to earn points.  It runs on a day in November into the evening.  Three trophies are available to be won; one for over 18 teams, one for 14 – 18 teams and one for Girl Guiding UK teams. 

During the last few years only one Cambridge District Scout group has entered a team or teams; 28th Cambridge (St John’s). They have competed yearly since 2006 (bar 2009) and won on the following occasions

Adult team14 – 18Female 14 – 18First overall
202128th/ Flamsteed ESU
2020Cancelled Covid
201928th28th/ Flamsteed ESU28th
201528th 28th
2012 28th 28th 28th
2011 28th

In 2012 the 14 – 18 year old team beat the adult team (who wee 1st in their section) into 1st place overall, and in 2021 beat the adult team (who were 2nd in the adult section) as they came first.

No other Cambridge scout teams have won during this period and currently the CUSAGC page is tied into a loop and not accessible.  Records before this date are not readily accessible from CUSAGC.

The CUSAGC Forward event is a shorter matching event for Scout and Guide teams.  See separate page.


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