1920: Stourbridge Mediæval Fair

Cambridge District Scout Archive

On June 17th 1920 there was a Jamboree held entitled “Stourbridge Fair” based on historical points of this earlier national event “in an attempt to show how the Middle Ages contributed to the Scout Spirit”. There were various booths also displays in three arenas. 26 troops took part.    Ken North        70 years

Stourbridge fair was an annual fair held on Stourbridge Common in Cambridge, England. At its peak it was the largest fair in Europe and was the inspiration for Bunyan‘s “Vanity Fair”. The fair was one of four important medieval fairs held in Cambridge: Garlic Fair, Reach Fair, Midsummer Fair and Stourbridge Fair.

All the above photographs and newspaper cuttings are taken from C T Wood’s album. The programme is held by the Cambridgeshire Collection. Perse records state over 3000 attended.

The local newspaper Cambridge Journals ‘Scout News’ reported that one of the intentions was to select the best displays to go ahead to the Olympia Jamboree. It is not known if this happened.

JWR Archivist Apr 2019