District Roles

The following pages give a list of those who filled each District roles alongside a commentary. It is intended to add to lists of some other roles on each page role for comparison. Space does not allow that all roles are listed beside each other.

No central list exists and particularly in the early days some uncertainty exists as to the date of handover, the intended time in the role and the local function of the role. Many gaps remain.

The lists will expand to cover

  • District President
  • Vice President
  • Chair(man)
  • Treasurer
  • DC
  • ADC S
  • ADC C
  • ADC R VS
  • ADC SS
  • DSM
  • DCM
  • DRSL
  • DVSL
  • Scout Shop
  • Badge Secretary
  • Field Commissioner

and under County

  • County Commissioner
  • County Secretary
  • County President

JWR Archivist June 2019