Group Badges from Cambridgeshire

Fred Eardley Collection

This is the Cambridgeshire Scout County element of Fred Eardley’s nationwide collection as at May 2021. New and historic examples missing from the collection are actively sought by Fred. A short history of the Badge and Group are completed by Fred and updates and corrections also very welcome. See below for details.

From Fred:

‘Re acknowledging, all I wish you to do is let people know that they have been compiled by me over many years – in fact from the mid 1980s, when my old Group introduced a Group badge. I would welcome any further information from anyone so please add my email address to the acknowledgement, as this might bring in some more badge illustrations and information.

I don’t have a website but shall eventually send all my records on disk to the archives at Gilwell for future use. I shall also send a copy to the International Badgers Club, the Scout badge collectors club, of which I am a member.’

As far as my records go, I hope that when you do add them to your archives, you will let me know of any additions to my records, if you find out anything new. Likewise, should you come across any other Group or Unit badges, you will let me know, as I will if I come across any others for the County.

The Group details are headed: Description of the badge, Year introduced, Design information, Name Tapes, Group composition and Group Notes.

You may contact Fred directly at Please copy this archive into the communication so that we may maintain a local record.

JWR Archivist May 2021