Scout Boxing Competition

Cambridge District Scout Archive

From 1923 references to Scout and Cub boxing competitions occur in District news sheets and Annual reports.   C-L de Beaumont (DCM) presented a Trophy.  The whereabouts of the Trophy is unknown.

Two Wolf Cub Trophies exist but have lost the winners names. (See Wolf Cub Boxing)

From other records we have Scout winners

  • 1925    8th Cambridge Harvey Goodwin
  • 1930    9th Cambridge Queens Choir
  • 1931    9th Cambridge Queens Choir
  • 1932    8th Cambridge Harvey Goodwin
  • 1933    8th Cambridge Harvey Goodwin
  • 1934    23rd Cambridge
  • 1935    x
  • 1936    29th Cambridge
  • 1937    29th Cambridge
  • 1938    29th Cambridge
  • 1939    7th Cambridge
  • 1940    12th Cambridge
  • 1949    Last mentioned as being held

Cub winners

  • 1927                8th Cambridge Harvey Goodwin
  • 1931 or 32       8th Cambridge Harvey Goodwin

The photographs are from Cambridgeshire Collection,

National advice recorded in 1932 is that boxing for Cubs should stop.  Concerns raised about the damage inflicted by boxing at an early age were backed by strong medical advice.

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