Rovers, Ventures and Explorers

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Rover Scouts (Rover Crews) 1918                17 – 24

Known as Senior Scouts 1917 soon renamed Rovers

Rovering began in 1918 in the UK, ten years after the start of the Scouting program. Initially the age range for Rover Scout membership was not precisely specified. In 1921 the Conference of Rover Scouts stated that ‘A Rover Scout is usually a Senior Scout aged 17 years and over’. In 1956 the upper age range was fixed at 24.

Senior Scouts             Oct      1946                15 – 18

Older Scouts were formally able to form separate patrols.  Trophies were sometimes split, one trophy for Senior Scouts and another for Scouts e.g. the Senior Morley.  The term was not always spelt out in documents.  Activities for older Scouts were arranged before this date and the term was used before the official definition.  Many Scout Troops listed Senior Scout Patrols.

Old Scouts                                                      18 +

Old scouts were gatherings of ex Scouts retaining links to Scouting. They originated in many forms and acted as a pool of potential leaders and support.  They gained formal place in 1948 with the foundation of B-P Guild of Old Scouts.  (See ‘Old Scouts to SAS’)  The term Old Scout, like that of Senior Scout, was used before becoming a formal section.

Scout               Senior Scout                Rover Scout                 Old Scout

Senior Troop                          1965                A Senior Scout Troop was registered in the District.  It was not attached to a Group. It did not list members on the Census returns.

Venture Scout Units              1967                15½ – 20

In 1967, as part of the adoption of The Chief Scouts’ Advance Party Report, Venture Scouts replaced the Rover Scouts and Senior Scout programs in The Scout Association. The program was for those aged 15.5 to 20.  In 1976 it was the first program of The Scout Association opened up female participants.

Explorer Scouts                      2003                14½- 18

Scout Network                      2003                18 – 25

The Explorer Scout program and the Scout Network replaced the Venture Scout program following a review in 2003.

Photo from CC collection

Memorial figure commemorating the 13th Rover Crew 1949 – 1968

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