5th Cambridge (Perse) Numbers

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The following graph has been taken from a history of the Perse Troop by Adrian Whittington in about 1984. The sources have not been located in the school archives. It covers 1908 – 1984.


The numbers are 150 in 1920, a period of strong internal approval and overlap with the OTC. They are below 40 in 1975. As with all Troops (the pack is not included here) the ebbs and flows have many causes and often reflect leadership styles, leaders time in the role and other available activities. The dotted line gives a national growth of scouting. A local comparison can be found in Structure/ Trends/ Annual Scout Numbers

The Troop rebuilt strongly after this date and in their centenary year moved to become the very large and successful Perse Exploration Society.

JWR Archivist Feb 2022