11th Cambridge

Cambridge District Scout Archive

1932 Meeting in a hayloft above a stable where Alan McKenzie, later GSL, DC, CC, was invested.

Note ‘2nd Newnham Cubs’

The cake was presumably baked in 1970, 60 years after the start of both the 11th and 9th Troops. The retention of the 2nd Newnham Cubs, a good year after the District cancelled the 2nd’s registration may be no more than a polite remembrance.

1966 GSL Alan McKenzie wrote to Castle End Mission in Pound Hill looking for a place to meet. He wrote ‘For over 30 years we have met at the house of the Lilley family in West Road and previous to that on the premises of Emmanuel Congregational Chapel’. Mrs. Lilley had recently died and they needed a new place, but added that they were aware that the Mission was near the end of its use of the building and that the Group was actively seeking a permanent hut of there own. Castle End Mission Temporary home c 1972. on Pound Hill off Castle Hill.

1969 Cubs were recorded on the census from this year following the amalgamation with the 2nd Pack. Overall Scout numbers increased from this point.

1987 Planned opening of Beaver Colony. Alan McKenzie moved to be Chair of Scout &Guide Centre

1994 The South Cambridge District Bulletin reported that the Troop had closed, with no other details.

JWR Archivist Mar 2019