Silver Acorn/ Silver Wolf

Cambridge District Scout Archives

The following list has been compiled from individual entries, no single source exists in the District Archives. I do not believe it to be complete; I know of at least one missing from Compass records. Please do contact the Archives if you know of anyone who is missing from the list, with or without a date. At least two recipients have two dates for the same award. In these cases it is not clear which is correct.

This list falls into four parts. 

Earliest Silver Wolf for 24 badges (see below for details)

Pre 1944                     Silver Wolf was reserved for significant National and International work.  Very few were issued anywhere; before 1953 the maximum was 28 in one year and usually less than 10.  None have been identified in Cambridgeshire.

1944 – c.1960             Has been confirmed by record at Gilwell Archives.

1960 +                         No separate list exists.  These entries have been picked individually from records.   Later entries have been taken from ‘Compass’ but these do not include those without a current role.

A list of Medals of Merit may appear at a later date but they are generally less trumpeted and a list from individual sources is likely to be even less complete. Local gazettes are not available before the start of the Grafton Street Gazette. One early report is that of Rev H F Kirkpatrick SM of the 8th, who was awarded the Medal of Merit in May 1922.

St George’s Day Awards

  • The Silver Acorn is not normally awarded until after at least an Award for Merit has been gained and a further five years’ service has been completed. Thus, it is seldom awarded for less than 20 years service, which should be specially distinguished and appreciably better than outstanding.
  • The Bar to the Silver Acorn may be awarded for at least a further 5 years of similarly distinguished service.
  • The Silver Wolf is the unrestricted gift of the Chief Scout and is only awarded for service of a most exceptional nature  – it is seldom awarded for less than 30 years service
Date and names not given with photo.
2020SA bar
David Smith
Frank LeeSA11th/9th
Tony ClaydonSA bar
Chris Scott SA14th
Colin DanielSATemp DC
Dr Ian HintonSilver Wolf W & D
Barrie Sheehan     Silver Wolf   
Julie Anne FarringtonSA50th
Tracey Jane FarringtonSA50th
Wendy Anne StanleySA50th
Jane Carter  SA Bar  30 years
Jill HallasSA 27th
Chris Ward  SA   30 years
Phil GarrettSA Bar  
Pam Butler  SA   DC


Rob FarringtonSilver Wolf 23rd 50 years 50th
Richard HamesSA BarCC
Chuck LilleySilver Wolf23rd 50 years
R ChambersSA Bar 50 years
T ClaydonSA 40 years 50th
Roger Woollard  SA Bar 13th & shop
Michael WrightSA 40 years
Brain CrowSA 14th
Linda PauleySA 54th
John MillsSA 7ht/23rd &13th
Barrie SheehanSA Bar26th
Geoff Oliver  SA28th
Pauline WestSA 25 years
Will Bull  SA
R A PayneSA57th
F C MoyesSA57th
D C HolmeSAW & D
Ali EasterfieldSAPhoenix Explorers & DESC
Robert Benton   SA Bar50 years
Tony Claydon SA
John Wallman   Silver Wolf  26th
Richard CrabtreeSA5th (year after retirement from role
Jane Carter    SA
Rob FarringtonSA Bar 50th
Mervyn West SA30 years
Dave Law SA
Derek Hopkins SA
Terry Izzard    Silver Wolf 50 years
Roger Woollard    SA Bar
Rosemary ChambersSA
Robert BentonSA
Terry Izzard  SA
John ChambersSilver WolfDC Newmarket, Badge Sec, ex ADC Scouts Camb. North, 13th
Beryl TabbittSA Bar55th and 12th
Tony FowlerSA
Chuck Lilley  SA
John WallmanSA
Barry Howe SA
Lettice DawsonSA(Jock Dawson’s wife)
Tony Billinghurst Silver Wolf5th
Bob GreenwoodSA23rd

Awards no longer engraved by HQ after this date. Initially engraved by County.

Records from 1944 to 1979 agree with that held by former DC H Mallett and District Sec W T Thurbon.

John ChambersSA Bar 13th
Vic BarnesSA28th
Fred CostonSA 13th
Rose Coston  Silver Wolf   13th
Gary (George?) Pugh    SAS&S
John Chambers(SA)/ CC Mainwaring/ Vic Barnes (SA)
Beryl Tabbit  SA 55th and 12th
Ken NorthSilver Wolf
Jock Dawson Silver WolfADC VS

Maurice Howard  SA60th
F E Isaacson Silver Wolf28th
Two Silver Wolves and a Silver Acorn
Mr Woollard SA
Col Mainwaring Silver Wolf
Alan MackenzieSilver Wolf 11th, 11/9th, South Cambs DC, CC
Mrs V I WoodwardSA11th/9th CSL
Reg Ayres Silver Wolf60th ACC international
Dr DawsonSA1st Hadstock ADC C
Ken NorthSA
Mr CottonSA
John Chambers SA
Mrs Gardner Smith SA48th (Comberton)
Edgar Tilley SA
Jim Green SA


Rose CostonSA
John SweetSilver WolfField Commissioner
Bill Thurbon    WTTSilver Wolf


Brigadier DuchesneSilver Wolf CC
Oswald BellSilver Wolf CC
  • Oswald Bell (from newspaper report date unclear)


  • Mr. Mackrow                                Silver Wolf      12th


  • Fred Feary                             Silver Wolf      23rd      50 years an SL Stated to be only the third ever awarded in Cambridgeshire. It is the fourth listed here but Derrick Pearce was more active in Suffolk before, during and after time in Cambridge. Fred’s award was attended by fellow holders H. Mallett and P. Duff. All three had met B.P.


  • Irene Long (Rene) SA 42nd 40 years pack and district
  • F E Isaacson SA 28th 40 years pack and district
  • Lt Cl H Mainwaring SA


  • (James) Derrick Pearce  Silver Wolf ACC, Sea Scouts, later CC Suffolk


  • FAJ McKenzie             SA 11th and 11th/9th later DC


Brigadier Duchesne SA CC

W O Bell SA DC DCC Headquarters Commissioner


  • Professor Patrick Duff Silver Wolf County Sec.
  • W T Thurbon SA

Gilwell Archives has a list of Silver Acorn, Bar to Silver Acorn and Silver Wolf recipients that finished at some point in the mid – late 1950’s.  The five names below are the only ones that appear on that list. 

The list did not include the very early Silver wolf awarded for 24 badges (see below).


  • Fred Feary                             SA                    23rd ADC Cubs


  • Howard Mallet                      Silver Wolf      DC
  • D J Pearce SA 60th
  • M Howard SA 60th


  • R P Ayres                                SA                    60th ADC (S) Cambridgeshire


  •  Mackrow                              SA                    12th ACC Training


  • R H Mallet                              SA

The Right Reverend E S Gresford Jones received the above example of a Silver Acorn in 1943. He has previously been involved in scouting in Cambridge District for many years in several roles. He was ACC Training Officer in 1931.

The Silver Acorn was offered for sale for £200 with the following description: This is a Rare piece of Vintage Silver Scout Memorabilia. Made in Heavy Solid Sterling Silver it is the Issue 2A Acorn Award Medal that would have been worn on a Jacket with a Ribbon and Bar and was awarded for at least 20 years of Distinguished Service. What makes this piece even rarer is that it is engraved on the back with RT. REV. E. M. GRESFORD – JONES – 23 . 4 . 43. Then Edward Michael Gresford – Jones went on to become the Bishop of St Albans from 1950 – 1970. It is fully hallmarked on the bottom with DGC for the maker Daniel George Collins, the date letter R for 1941, the Anchor for Birmingham Assay Office, the Lion Passant mark for Silver and it has been electronically tested at a precious metal refinery to confirm the metal content. The jump ring is also stamped with the Lion Passant. It weighs 14.3g and measures 31mm diameter. The fob is in a used but good condition for its age with just minor surface marks and wear.

Silver Wolf for 24 badges

In the very earliest proposals a level 4 for 24 proficiency badges was proposed – the Silver Wolf.  This moved to being either 24 Proficiency badges or 12 badges and extraordinary performance or repeated acts of bravery, endurance or self sacrifice.   Later it became purely an award for the extraordinary acts, and the badge connection was dropped.

1911       A terrible shock has been dealt to scouts in Cambridge by the death of Scoutmaster William Wright, a second year undergraduate of Queens’ College. Joining when he first came to Cambridge he worked with Scoutmaster Spiller of the 7th and Scoutmaster Curzon of the 1st and had already attained the 24 highest honours badges which secured him the title of ‘Silver Wolf’.                       Cambridge News 29/09/1911

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