1st Cambridge District

The Cherry Hinton Group met at Blinco Grove, in ‘New’ Cherry Hinton, off Hills Road not at the village centre of Cherry Hinton. The church of St John’s was a new centre of activity and the most likely meeting place was the Church Hall.

When members of the 2nd Cambridge, lacking leadership, joined the 1st Cambridge District the Patrols met in different places, the 2nd Patrols at the Guildhall, possibly meaning the room hired as an HQ, the Cherry Hinton Patrols at Blinco Grove.

Among the speeches and cheers was one for Cpl Stone of the 1st Cherry Hinton troop, who was presented with the Boy Scouts medal for saving the lives of his two sisters and brother from fire.   1911 Memories 4.4/2011 From Mike Petty’s collection.

It is of note that a border at Rydal Villa in 1911 was Leslie Stuart Egerton Hine, who, is recorded as an optician and a Scoutmaster. He was associated with the 12th Cambridge.

Other dates for the New Cherry Hinton Troop are Oct 1910 to June 1913.

JWR Archivist Jan 2019