3rd Cambridge (St Catharine’s Choir) Duke of Devonshire’s Own: Outline History

Cambridge District Scout Archive

1912 – 1913

St Catharine’s Choir Troop existed as the 3rd Cambridge in the 1912/13 Annual Report.  They are recorded as disbanding in early 1914 and re forming in October 1914.

A later reference in 1918 as the 3rd may be an error of memory.  They had failed, reformed and presumably not allocated a new number, or the new number (20th) forgotten.

As the 3rd they had camped at Chatworth (c. 1913) and had taken the title Duke of Devonshire’s Own.  The 8th Duke, in addition to giving them permission to camp at Chatworth, was the Chancellor of the University; the 9th a Graduate of the University and later Chief Scout of Canada.

  • Kenneth Cuthbert Johnson Davies      SM       29/5/1913
  • Bernard Porter Luscombe                  SM       29/5/1913      

The identical dates for the registration of the SM’s, both with St Catharine’s addresses, suggest the need for a new or renewed leadership team.

Both went on to the war in 1914, BP Luscombe to become a PoW and attempt escape and K C J Davies to become a Major and, amongst other roles, entertain the troops in the front line. 

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Little is reported of this short lived troop. 

JWR Archivist June 2022