A number of Sources are quoted many times and in several forms. The recollections are essential to flesh out the bare bones of District Minutes and records and give insights into people and stories.


Archaeology of Scouting. A talk given by W T (Bill) Thurbon in 1978 on Early Scouting both nationally and in Cambridge. WT Thurbon was District Secretary and badge officer for many years. He wrote reports, analysed figures and carefully retained material about the early years. He was an archivist and several pages are wholly based on his work.

70 Years

70 Years of Scouting in and around Cambridge (1908-1978) was written in 1978 by Kenneth North, 70 years after B-P’s first visit. Ken North was involved in the Scout Shop for many years and wrote a number of other pieces around this time. They overlap, as may the acknowledgements.

Cambridgeshire Collection   CC

Usually abbreviated to CC and often a Box number these refer to material available in the local collection housed in Cambridge Central Library.

Mike Petty

Mike Petty is the creator of a stupendous body of local archive material which is awaiting a systematic review to integrate the reports into this Scouting archive. Some of the odd numbers beside quotes taken from his collection relate to his filing system.

Grafton Street Gazette

The District newsletter under various names is often quoted as GSG, GSG&AA and later CSG. It rarely reported on past events.

C. T. Wood’s album

C T Wood (variously SL 9th, DC, CC), compiled an album of cuttings and photographs which illustrate many of the articles.


This was a single issue magazine from 1920. It is a valuable source of information during and after the Great War when little else survived.

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