Sawston: Outline History

Cambridge District Scout Archive

  • 2nd Cambridge District (Whittlesford and Sawston)   1912 – 1915
  • 8th Cambridge District (Sawston)                                1919 – 1920    15626
  • 52nd Cambridge (Sawston)                                          1932                14496
  • Sawston
  • 1st Sawston                                                                  2012

Sawston Scouting falls into three phases, despite the five titles given above.  The last three are probably continuous.

2nd Cambridge District (Whittlesford and Sawston)           1912 – 1915

Known as ‘Mrs. Huddleston’s Own’ (owners of Sawston Hall since 1517) President of the troop was D L Huddleston.

Mrs. Huddleston was active in educational committee of the County Council and manager of the Day Schools.  She was not a mere figurehead although there is no evidence of her being engaged as a leader.  Like many ‘District’ troops it closed during the Great War.  The naming system differentiated between troops outside the town boundaries, such as Sawston, and those within which were ‘Cambridge’ troops.

8th Cambridge District (Sawston)                             1919 – 1920    15626

The dates for this troop are unclear.  The change of Cambridge number from 2nd to 8th indicates a change of registration.  It is not clear when the two villages separated, the shorthand use of the first name is the norm in many lists.  However, Sawston clearly stands alone Sawston from 1919.

52nd Cambridge (Sawston College)   / (Sawston)    1932                14496

Founded in April 1932 as Sawston College the College part of the name was rarely used.  Sawston Village College was opened in 1930 by Prince of Wales and Scouts and Guides lined the route.  From Census reports we have

  • Scouts 1932 – 1934  building from 8

The leaders both gave the address of Sawston Village College

  • W L J Pomfret GSM
  • S E Redman     ASM

The scarf was Maroon.


In 1935 Sawston became art of South Cambridgeshire District as the very large Cambridge District divided into four.   Records for this District are not held by Cambridge District Archives.  It is likely that they quickly dropped the 52nd Cambridge element as did the other Groups in the District. 

The same leaders were named in 1935 and personal not school addresses given.

From the County Secretaries records in 1954 SM N Touborg was moving from Whittlesford to Sawston and it was hoped that he could start a troop there.

1st Sawston                                                                 2012 – date

The Group was known as 1st Sawston in 1974 but it is not clear when this was adopted..  Sawston Scouts returned to Cambridge District with the division of Granta District.  South Cambridgeshire had become Granta in 1974.

The Group has Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.