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IN 1921 The ‘Our Scout Life’ column in the Cambridge Journal reported the presence of ‘one or two’ troop magazines. The 22nd ‘The Doings’ was later named as was Koorr Kree of the 17th.

  • 1st Cambridge                                      Fleur de lis      1912 Issue 2 exists   CC Box 75
  • 5th Cambridge                    Arrowhead     1951    (from Perse Scouts first 50 years)
  • 11th/9th                         1970/71           Pound Hill Pioneer

                                               1975                Newnham Croft Courier

  • 12th Cambridge                    1914                                                   1915                Unnamed                  

                                                            Link     Quarterly       

  • Autumn 1950, Summer 1952  and  Christmas 1952 – last issue No. 9 (which contains plans for a broadsheet)
  • 13th Cambridge Unnamed magazine first issue late 1931
  • 15th Cambridge                                   Woggle           1965   
  • 17th Cambridge (Catholic) Troop    Koorr Kree      (possibly the cries of the Stork and Eagle) A quarterly magazine, much praised.
  • 22nd Cambridge Holy Trinity The Doings 1921 produced by Court of Honour
  • 26th Cambridge                                   Our Mag         1938   

Royal Blue 1975 to ’88+

  • 11th Cambridge District (Fulbourn) The Gadget 1922 As named in Travellers on the Trail column, Cambridge Journal as a Troop and Pack magazine.

The Our Scout Column (later Travellers on the Trail and later Scout News) sought local Troop magazines, describing a number of well finished versions from outside the District. The 17th, 22nd and 11th District magazines named above were all mentioned in the column.

Cambridge District

Newsletters have been used to communicate from the District to the Groups. The Tenderfoot was referenced in Annual Report of 1912 with at least two editions. In May 1919 the Committee approved the DC’s proposal to edit a scout Magazine, in April 1920 the District Exec rejected the proposal for a regular leaflet of local news. Reveille was a single issue Newsletter in 1920 which being a summery of the previous years is a source of much general information. (To be published in full)

Following the decision not to publish a second edition, the costs had not been recouped, a newsletter, the Scout Gazette, for smaller regular circulation was started. First issued in June 1922 under the editorship of H Mallett no known copies remain. It was apparently initially intended for Scout officials and troops but later open to all subscribers. A third edition was published in November 1922.

In 1935 the District Gazette was published Vol. 1 Nos.1 – 4 1935 -6

  • Grafton Street Gazette
  • Grafton Street Gazette and Abington Advertiser  First added Abington Advertiser at issue No.49 29/1/1934.  Name sometimes missing from hand drawn covers after it went monthly from 3/10/1934.  From 1934 no longer used for Sectional notices.
  • Grafton Street Gazette
  • Grafton Street Gazette and Abington Advertiser Temporarily Reverted to previous name in 1948 – to honour return to Cambridge of originator of GG&AA TG Room. At the move of the District Head Quarters a proposal was made to rename the Gazette as Perne Road Press.
  • Cambridge Scout Gazette with the move from Grafton Street to Perne Road in 1965 it changed names and ended in 1984 with the split of the District.

Note GSG and GG&AA most copies from 47 – 84 in archives (not 56 – 58)

Cambridge District Broadsheet and Scouting News appears to be a cross district newsletter

Cambridge Archive

1935    T G Room        i/c Gazette      (T G Room left Cambridge in 1935)

1944    Bennett           Editor of GSG

1946    GSG funded by waste paper sales.  A discussion on reducing the circulation, reducing copy and avoiding the need for professional typist, a breakdown of column inches was prepared for District Exec.  See Minutes

1947    Committee recommended that past events were not routinely reported on, items in The Scouter not repeated.  County gave ₤5 to the newsletter

1948    A H Martin      Editor of GSG

1949    DC spoke of the editing policy and the need to avoid personal criticism

1951    DC Discussing future of GSG

1951    Cecile Bourne  Editor of GSG

1965    Mr and Mrs Chambers (John and Rosemary) joint editors


Throughout the war, Mr. Mallett sent a monthly news bulletin to many local Scout groups which kept alive a cohesive county when many leaders were away.

1942    12th Cambridge were paid by District for postage ‘to arrange to send out the Forces Bulletin.’  A request for the addresses of Scouts and Scouters in the Forces was noted in District Minutes.

CaVeSAc         East Cambridge Venture Scouts County magazine 10 years old in 1981.  First proposed in District Exec 10/1971, and to be circulated with CSG

News and Views        Cambridge District Scouts 1998

Cambridge North Chronicle                         No. 1 Sept 1984 – end No. 33 April 1993


The Cambridgeshire County Gazette                         Vol. 1 No 2 March 1936          Quarterly

County Commissioner Periodical Letter                     No 42 March 1965

East Cambridgeshire County Quarterly News letter No.4 Oct 1980 (separated from CSG at beginning of 1980)

East Cambridgeshire Venture Scout News                 1980


July 1909         ‘publication in July of The Headquarters Gazette.  It appeared in a green rough-paper cover, with a design of appalling ugliness, and boasted sixteen pages.’            B-P’s Scouts     An Official History

  • Headquarters Gazette    1909 – 1923    Monthly for Adult Scouters renamed-
  • The Scouter                      1923 – 1971    Monthly for Adult Scouters renamed –
  • Scouting                            1971 – date     Monthly for Adult Scouters diminishing to 6, 4 then 3 issues a year with the uptake of electronic media.
  • The Scout                          1908 – 1966    Weekly for Boys  – Taken over by the Boy Scout Association in 1939

The Scout magazine was for the boys.  The Scouter was the Headquarters periodical.


  • The Wolf Cub                    1916 – ?
  • The Trail                            1918 – 1923    For Rovers
  • Rovers World                    1934 – 1937    Not owned by Scout Association but formed out of a London Rover magazine.

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