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 ‘It is a good turn even if it is only putting a coin into a poor-box,..’  Scouting for Boys

This review looks at those Charities beyond the individual, Section or Group that have been the recipients of Cambridge District Scouts collective giving.   It is a growing list of recipient that illuminates the priorities of the moment.  It is not intended to be a complete list.

Internal Charities      

Fund-raising for the costs of scouting locally and national or Scout charities for specific events or institutions

1928 + District                        Association Display to cover the expenses of Grafton St HQ raised £21.19.10.

1940    Rosemary (Scout Convalescent) Home          ‘The St Georges Day Collection would go to the home (£3/3/4)’.             This accompanied an evacuee Scout in 12th with mastoids and pneumonia who required the care of the Convalescent Home.  Other donations are recorded to the Home; this is the only record of a Cambridge Scout being sent.  The costs of his stay were guaranteed by District (the Home closed later that year).             District Minutes

1940    National          Roland House                                      (Scout Centre East London)

            National          Rosemary Convalescent Home

National          Refugee Scout Fund

1942    National          BP Memorial Fund

1946    Wych Warren Convalescent Home (replaced Rosemary Convalescent Home)

National Scout related charities were more usual before the full blooming of the welfare state in the 1950’s and 1960’s. 

1974    County             Abington (camp site) appeal had already brought in £3000             District Minutes

Alongside these we can put recipients who are connected in spirit.

1934    10/- to a Poor Guide Company in Deptford from a Cubs Own          District Minutes

Support for individual Troop members. Much support will have not been clearly accounted. In 1956 the 12th Cambridge listed ‘GSM Discretionary A/C Scout Assistance £1/10/6’

External Charities

These may be Group, District or Nationally encouraged events or Charities outside Scouting

1933    Scouts Own collection £2.2.3 to the Police Poor and Needy fund     District Minutes

WW2   £5 to Lord Mayor Air Raid Disaster Fund                                           District Minutes

1947    Mayors Fen Distress Fund       (aka     Mayors Flood Distress Fund)  GG&AA

1948    Children’s Homes in Cambridge District – books and toys                GG&AA

1953    Trefoil Guild   

1956    National          Hungarian Refugee Support

1972    £5 to Salvation Army

1974    Operation Lifeboat

1980    Nationally organized ‘Cub Country’ raising money for Nepal             East Cambridge raised £1923 of a £159,000 national total

1981    Guide Dogs      £400                                        District coordinated

            Cub collection £144 to our three charities     District coordinated

Requests for Charitable support

1974    District                        Scouts asked to support in raising funds for new sports hall.  Pointed out that already involved in trying to raise money for Operation life boat     District Minutes

The following Accounts from 1919 show a mix of recipients

  • Scouts                          The individual Troops collecting paper         
  • Scouts                          District Finances
  • Scout Charities            Scouts’ SOS Fund                                            
  • National and International Charities
    • Syria and Palestine Relief Fund                                             
    • Armenian Refugees                                                               
    • Lord Roberts Work Shops                                                      
    • Save the Children                                                                   

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