Professor and Mrs. Howard Marsh

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Master of Downing               Hon Col RAMC          District Commissioner

Frederick Howard Marsh Hon. Col. of RAMC (TF) (died 24 June 1915) was Master of Downing 1907-15, Prof of Surgery, District Scout Commissioner and Honourary Colonel of the Royal Army Medical Corps (Territorial Force). Also JP, University representative on the Town Council and member of the watch committee.

Professor Howard Marsh was a Surgeon, and on becoming Professor of Surgery in 1903 moved to Cambridge as a fellow of Kings College.  He became Master of Downing in 1907 and became District Scout Commissioner in 1912. He was a member of the (National) Headquarters Council from 1912.

He is described as a ‘leading spirit in the local society for Physical Education and Improvement’ an interest which lead him to be an active supporter of the Scout movement. He had come from a humble back ground and personally demonstrated that improvement was possible.

He was the named sponsor of the 1st Cambridge District (Cherry Hinton) Colonel Howard Marsh’s Own, which opened in 1910.  

Mrs Howard Marsh became patron of 1st Cambridge Sea Scouts and was recognised as being an active supporter during the Great War when many leaders were on Active service.

He opened up Downing College in 1913 to a Rally of 400 Scouts.

The Obituary from the Headquarters Gazette of 1915 is included in full.

The photograph above is a fine example of the leaders outfits of the period, a Norfolk jacket, breeches, wide brimmed hat and tie. The hat is in contrast to those seen worn by most scouts which generally displayed a ‘slouched’ brim whether through cheap manufacture or hard wear.

The appraisal by this exceptionally able and active man, quoted above, of BP is worthy of note.

Mrs Howard Marsh front row left, Colonel Howard Marsh DC front row right Downing College 1913

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