South Cambridgeshire/ Granta: 1935

Cambridge District Scout Archive

On 5th June 1935 Cambridge District split into four Districts. It had been working as three sub districts for a year before the split. The apparently late addition of West Cambridge moved some groups from Cambridge and South Cambridge. North Cambridge was renamed East Cambridge and then quickly became Mid Cambridgeshire.

The records of South Cambridge, later Granta, have not come down to the current Cambridge District Scout Archives. Some peripheral information has been gathered from The Scouter and around the very early years of the division. Records of County activity has provided some later information.

The following Groups have been identified as initially belonging South Cambridge – two being allocated to the late addition of West Cambridge in 1935 – the point at which the three administrative Sub divisions of ‘Cambridge’ were split into four Districts. West Cambridge was the ‘new’ area. The bottom three were restarted shortly afterwards.

Within a few years some names altered. Abington was Abington, Babraham & Hildersham from first registration but often shortened.

Abington, Babraham & Hildersham25th CambridgeSouth Cambridge
Foxton and District40th CambridgeSouth CambridgeX
Pampisford47th CambridgeSouth Cambridge
Papworth50th CambridgeWest Cambridge
Whittlesford Sea Scouts51st CambridgeSouth CambridgeX
Harston and Haslingfied56th CambridgeSouth Cambridge
Great Shelford61st CambridgeSouth CambridgeX
Balsham1st Cambridge DistrictSouth Cambridge
Duxford3rd Cambridge DistrictSouth Cambridge
Duxford & HinxX
Melbourn and Meldreth4th Cambridge DistrictSouth CambridgeX
Barton17th Cambridge DistrictWest Cambridge
West Wratting1937

The records concerning this new District have not been retained in Cambridge District Archives. Peripheral mentions do exist.

South Cambridgeshire became Granta in 1974 at the time when the large Cambridge District split once again into the initially purely administrative districts of Cambridge North, Cambridge South and Cambridge Crafts Hill. They cited other boundary changes at this time. The Census of 1974 listed

1st Abington
1st Harston
Melbourne and Meldreth
1st Sawston
Shelford and Stapleford
1st Whittlesford
South Cambridge VSU

with 262 Cubs, 144 scouts, 22 Ventures and 61 Scouters and Instructors = 489. Duxford were active in 1968 swimming gala – it is not known why they are missing from the census below. Shelford was listed as ‘Shelford in the 1968 Gals and Shelford and Stapleford in the 1969 Gala. It may have been a space saving measure.

The new District badge was for sale at 6.5p.

In 1998 the following Groups participated in the Granta District camp. The number of Cubs attending is only an indication of overall numbers (the final total was 160) and the list may not include all the Groups then in existence.

Shelford and Stapleford15/20
Whittlesford (two packs)15 + 15/20

In 1999 one further Group is listed as attending District camp.


JWR Archivist May 2020