Cambridge District Scout Archive

Physical Memorials and lists exist in Cambridge District. There is reference to that of the 2nd Cambridge (currently lost)

‘2nd (Newnham) A.S.M. Hullick’s brother has painted a beautiful memorial tablet to the two members who fell in the war (Tabor and King)’.             Reveille 1920

The 11th/9th use a bell engraved GIGO at every meeting. The one Scout of the 11th I have recorded as killed during WW2 was Sgt Pilot H F (Frank) Gigny known as Giggs or Giggo in the Evercircular letters. This stands as a memorial to his memory.

1946    An offer of an oak panel for LA war memorial was reported in the District Minutes.  It was agreed that this should be accepted.  Offer later withdrawn

That of the 12th Cambridge (Viscout Clifden’s Own) is actively used in Group Memorial Services.

The stone attached to the doors was presented by a relative of Blyth Kempton Werohia in 2014.

We held a brief “ceremony” in the side room of our scout, where our war memorial is.   
This is one of our Beaver Scoutsplacing a precious stone pendant (I believe jade) on the memorial, which Brent had brought with him to watch over the memory of Blyth Kempton-Werohia. He used a maori word for this ceremony which I should have written down.
G 12th

A St George Cross presented to the District is a memorial with an engraved plaque

Dedication: This flag is / dedicated to / the Glory of God / and in Honoured / memory of all those / Scouts who gave / their lives for / their Country in / the 1939 1945 war / 24 – 2 – 57

  Please send photographs and details of past or present memorials to further extend this record.

JWR Archivist Mar 2020