Church Groups

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The following is a list of Churches in Cambridge whose names were attached to Scout Troops/ Groups.  They were not all Controlled Groups.  28th Cambridge St John’s has been an ‘Open’ Group from foundation.

This list does not include all those churches which provided rooms and encouraged the start of Groups without attaching their name. District Groups were generally named after the village rather than the parish, although the two may be essentially identical.  From local records no Cambridge District Groups (those outside Cambridge Town boundaries) have church names except the very early inclusion of 1st Newmarket All Saints.

  • St Marks 2nd
  • St Andrew the Great 3rd
  • Victoria Road Congregational 10th, 25th
  • St Paul’s 11th
  • St Philip’s 13th
  • St Columba 14th
  • St Giles 9th, 15th
  • St Clement 16th
  • Christ Church and Jesus Lane Sunday School 7th
  • All Saints 8th, 29th
  • St Clement 16th
  • Catholic (?) 17th
  • Little St Mary 18th
  • Wesleyan 19th
  • Holy Trinity 22nd
  • St Matthew 14th, 23rd
  • All St & St Andrew 8th
  • St Johns Mission  Church       (Part of Christ Church group of Churches)
  • St Columba’s URC? 14th
  • St Barnabas 42nd
  • St Andrew Street Baptist 27th
  • St Andrew’s 36th
  • St John 28th, previously 1st Cambridge District
  • St Clement 16th
  • St George 54th
  • St Francis Boys Club (Not, seemingly a Church)
  • St Radegund 44th?
  • Arbury Rd Baptist 55th
  • Emmanuel Congregational Church 34th
  • Hills Rd Methodist 8th
  • St Luke 14th
  • St James 16th
  • Zion 26th
  • St Sepulchre 65th
  • Cherry Hinton Free Church 4th
  • Church of the Good Shepherd 18th
  • Salvation Army 3rd
  • Victoria Road Congregational 25th

Some entries in the archives are single lines or words and remain unclear as is            ‘Emmanuel’                   College or URC 1930s

College Choirs, such as St Catherine’s are not included in this list nor are schools, such as St Faiths and St Collette’s.

JWR Archivist Jan 2019