Chair District Executive Committee

Cambridge District Scout Archive

This role was initially filled by able administrators from outside Scouting, bringing their own worth and authority to the committee. Since WW2 the role has been filled by longstanding Scouters with a history of leadership inside and outside Scouting.

The records are incomplete, particularly during the two World Wars.

The committee that came together to form the District selected Rev A S Duncan Jones, Dean of Caius College, and W H D Rouse, Headmaster of the Perse, as the alternating chairman.

AS Duncan Jones         1910Dean of Gonville and Caius
Alderman George Stace 1912 – 1913Mayor and Alderman
G Turner 1919 
E H Church 1920 – 1925 
W Varney Webb 1927 – 1936Chief Constable
vaccant 1939 and 1941 
C J Walker 1949 – 1958SM since 1910
M F HowardSilver Acorn1962 – 19635th Cambridge
Squires            1964 – 1971 
M F HowardSilver Acorn1972 – 19765th Cambridge
R P Arthur 1976 – 1983DC

A division of Cambridge District into three separate District occurred in 1983.  Two of these, Cambridge North and Cambridge South reunited in 2001.  Cambridge Crafts Hill remained as an individual District.

Dave LawSilver Acorn2001 – 20094th Cambridge
Terry IzzardSilver Wolf2009 – 2021   DC Camb South
Tom Hartley 2021 – date28th Cambridge

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