8th Cambridge District: Outline

Cambridge District Scout Archive


  • Cambridge District troops are those outside Cambridge Town boundaries.  Some troops altered from Cambridge District to Cambridge as the boundaries altered. This system ended in steps between 1928 and 1935 and all roups used Cambridge numbers.
  • Packs were not formally attached to troops until the move to the Group system in 1928.
  • Many of these District troops are poorly recorded.
  • 8th Cambridge District (Sutton)                    1910
  • 8th Cambridge District (Shepreth)                1912 – 1915
  • The Great War
  • 8th Cambridge District (Sawston)                 1920  – 1922                            7512
  • 8th Cambridge District (Sawston & Pampisford) 1923                                10976
  • 8th Cambridge District (Fowlmere)               1920                (probably an error)
  • 8th Cambridge District (Elsworth)                – 1930                                       15616

8th Cambridge District (Sutton)                                1910



8th Cambridge District (Shepreth)                            1913

SM H Darlow  

Troop colours red and grey shirt Khaki


The Great War

Reveille! a single issue magazine published January 1920 gives us

Sawston grew apace under Mr. Stockdale, though the Long Vacation pruned their numbers.  

We have no further information about this period.

8th Cambridge District (Sawston)                              1919/1920 – 1922                  7512

Note on an incomplete registration form ‘not re registered 1921’. 

  • SM       Perkins                        resigned 7th March 1921
  • H Willis                                    Selwyn College

Note on form reads ‘Bar Cecil Jones’.


8th Cambridge District (Sawston & Pampisford)     1923                                        10976

  • ASM Anthony Martin

Registered on 16th February 1923 with one leader and 23 Scouts they met at the University Arms Hotel Sawston.   Open

Mentioned in 1924 in a local Gazette as meeting at The University Arms under Mr Martin with Green scarves.


8th Cambridge District (Fowlmere)                           1920                (probably an error)

This is from a report of the Jamboree of 1920 which is in error in a number of Troops


8th Cambridge District (Elsworth)                             1926                                        15616

The Troop was registered on 25th November 1926 with one leader and 8 Scouts.  It was ‘Confined to members of Elsworth Church’, i.e. ‘Controlled’ by the Rector.  Meet in Rectory Room Elsworth.

  • SM D’Arcy Addy, school house Elsworth

A late but uncertain entry of 1930 is not supported by any intervening evidence.  It does not appear to have transferred to a Group in the introduction in 1928 of the Group system.  It does not appear as a Group in the 1934 split of the District into four.

JWR Archivist Jan 2023