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This is a page that is yet to be fully researched. The intent is to look through the regimental records for the wartime experience of Cambridge Scouts.

The Cambridgeshire Regiment is the local regiment and, particularly in early WW1, most of the soldiers were based in the County. Whilst there was no direct connection between Scouting and the Regiment some volunteers and some conscripts would have previously been Scouts.

From John Chambers Collection

Formed in 1860 it was active between 1908 and 1961. The function was to provide detachments to reinforce the full time unit to which it was attached, originally the Suffolk Regiment. Those men who were in the Territorial Forces before WW1 and WW2 would have been attached to this unit and on call up stayed with the regiment. The link was increasingly broken with conscription and reallocation after injury or sickness.

77 Officers and 789 Other ranks died in WW1

The many University based Scouters often went to units based in their home towns. They were less likely to be attached to the local Territorial Forces. During WW2 those new to a military role were often placed where an immediate need or their skills dictated. None of the contributers to the Evercircular letters were posted to the Cambridgeshire Regiment.

24 Officers and 760 Other ranks died in WW2

The involvement of both Battalions of the Regiment in the fall of Singapore in WW2 was recorded in the Evercircular letters. Many of the deaths were during their period of internment.


  • Benjamin Robert Thompson Drummer, 11th (Cambridge) Battalion Suffolk Regiment, MM, Injured Le Boisselle, July 1916, died August 1916.
  • Arthur William Harry Curzon 8th July 1917 1st /1 Btn Cambridgeshire Reg


1st Battalion Cambridgeshire Regiment

In early 1939 both Cambridgeshire battalions served with the East Anglian Infantry Division, initially on the Norfolk Coast and were then sent to the Far East. The Battalion fought at Sime Road Camp in Singapore before being ordered to surrender  by the commander of the garrison.

  • Private Samuel Wilfred Whitley 5933027, 1st Battalion Cambridgeshire regiment POW
  • Private Thomas Leonard Whitley, 5933142, 1st Battalion Cambridgeshire regiment Died as POW


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