Wolf Cub Heads

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Pack Totems are described in the Wolf Cub Handbook (first published in 1916) and the head of the wolf is suggested as the Totem.  Ribbons are added for each proficiency badge earned and it is suggested that a brass nail for every Cub who joins the pack.

This particular head in the Archive collection has Green and Blue ribbons with, attached to the end, stitched cards with  C M W Taylor 1933 and C M J Covell.  The undated J Covell is in the same paper and stitching.  Green and Blue 7th Cambridge. The names have not been identified as leaders of the 28th; lists of leaders of the 7th are less readily available. Cubmaster (CM) J Covell is A J Covell, also involved in the 23rd and 13th packs
The head above has a socket in the back for a pole and Geoff Oliver of the 28th recalls this or one similar used at the opening of Cub camps in the 1960’s.

The original function of this head is not known but Wolf Heads were used locally as pack trophies as seen in the undated photograph below. 

The wolf head held by the collection bears a strong resemblance to that from the 14th in 1928 and that portrayed on the cover of Totem Magic, S G Gurney of 1932.

14th Cambridge 1928
Totem magic

It is similar to a version in this photograph of an attic Cub meeting room from the Scouter 1930.

Around 1929 this guard of honour comprises a number of Wolf Heads in different forms

Cambridgeshire Collection

A more realistic head is seen in this picture of a Scouter Den at Gilwell in a collection from 1930’s.

Plastic heads were for sale from Scout shops in the 1960’s and 70’s. The one is held by the 26th Cambridge and another is regularly used by the 29th Cambridge. They are approximately life size and have a socket to insert a pole.

As advertised

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