Cambridge District Scout Archive

First mentioned in the 1912/13 Annual report as 12th Cambridge District a starting date of May 1913 is given.  They met at ‘The School’, Bottisham with SM H E King and ASM G Wheaton.

They survived the Great War under Mrs. Hinton but stopped in 1922.  Restarting in 1933 under the new naming protocol they were 59th Cambridge.  Moving into the new District of Mid Cambridgeshire a year or so later the number was lost and the Group became known as 1st Bottisham or just Bottisham.

The records of East/ Mid Cambridgeshire are lost and the next mention is when Mid Cambs. was re-absorbed into Cambridge District, again as the 59th in 1946, but listed as Bottisham VC (Village College). It is recorded as revived c.1947/48 in the book Scouting in Bottisham; whether this is from a low ebb or more completely stopped is unknown.

Then, once again, it was started in 1969.

It moved into the Sub District ‘North’ and later Crafts Hill and moved into Crafts Hill District when the large Cambridge finally split into three in 1983.

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