Newmarket 1916

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Newmarket and District was formed 1916, Form B signed ‘as formed’ on 27th May, signed by Headquarters on 26th June and stamped as fully recognised 6th July 1916.

1st Newmarket, 2nd Newmarket and Cowlinge moved from Cambridge District

The original Groups that formed the new District were (as listed)

  • 2nd Newmarket
  • 1st Newmarket
  • 1st Exning
  • Cowlinge
  • Fordham
  • Gazeley
  • Kirtling
  • Swaffham Prior

Total estimated strength 196. The first three Troops were ‘Newmarket’, the last five ‘District’. The distinction, as used elsewhere, was inside the town boundaries and outside.

A later reference (after 1918) gives the District four sub divisions N, S, E, W.

A later Warrant for Newmarket District

JWR Archivist May 2020