33rd Cambridge (Over): Outline History

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The Scout Group at Over is the only one to use 33rd Cambridge.  It held the title for a few short years from the 1928 introduction of the Group system

Over Scouts had previously held the title 11th Cambridge District (Over) in the original naming system which differentiated between Troops within the town boundaries (Cambridge) and those outside the town boundaries (Cambridge District).  This system was steadily lost from the National introduction of the Group system and, locally, the split of the very large Cambridge District into four separate Districts.

33rd Cambridge (Over)

Date of new title 14th December 1928 with the IHQ number 7577

  • R G W Hockley (very unclear)            GSM   

The Group returned census figures for Scouts only in 1929.   It was mentioned in 1930 but appears to have stopped at this time.  It was not named as a Group in the 1933 administrative divide ahead of and 1935 split.

1st Over

1st Over (not 33rd Cambridge) was recorded in 1957 and moved to Cambridge: Crafts Hill District in the 1983 division of the large Cambridge District, and out of this record.

They returned census figures for

  • 1968 – 1984    Cubs
  • 1969 – 1984    Scouts

Figures ended in 1984.  In 1983 the large Cambridge District split into three and Over moved into Cambridge: Crafts Hill District and out of the records of Cambridge District.

The later history of Scouting in Over falls outside the records of Cambridge District.

JWR Archivist July 2022