2nd Cambridge District: Outline

Cambridge District Scout Archive


  • Cambridge District troops are those outside Cambridge Town boundaries.  Some troops altered from Cambridge District to Cambridge as the boundaries altered. This system ended in steps between 1928 and 1935 and all Groups used Cambridge numbers.
  • Packs were not formally attached to troops until the move to the Group system in 1928.
  • Many of these District troops are poorly recorded.

Scarf colours: see notes under Cambridge District

  • 2nd Cambridge District (1st Ely)                              1910
  • 2nd Cambridge District (2nd Newmarket)              1911 – 1912
  • 2nd Cambridge District (Whittlesford & Sawston)1912 – 1915
  • The Great War
  • 2nd Cambridge District (Whittlesford)                    1918 – 1919
  • 2nd Cambridge District (Sawston)                           1920                (probably an error)
  • 2nd Cambridge District (Longstowe)                       1922 -1922
  • 2nd Cambridge District (Longstowe)  Pack             1922 -1922
  • 2nd Cambridge District (Longstowe)                       1923 – 1928
  • 2nd Cambridge District (Longstowe)  Pack             1923 – 1924


 2nd Cambridge District (1st Ely)                             1910

Listed as being locally registered in 1910 and at the BP Rally of 1911.  Ely became a separate District in (probably) 1911 and the troop moved.


2nd Cambridge District (2nd Newmarket)              1911 – 1912

Listed as 2nd Newmarket for these two years.  2nd Newmarket then became 16th Cambridge District. 


2nd Cambridge District (Whittlesford & Sawston)            1912 – 1915

‘Mrs. Huddlestone’s Own’   – see below for details of Mrs Huddleston.  The HQ was at The Schools at both Whittlesford and Sawston.   Troop scarf orange, shirt khaki

Mrs. Huddleston’s Own                 President of the troop was D L Huddleston, Esq J P (Owners Sawston Hall 1517 – c. 1980,  the ‘Squire’).   Mrs. Huddleston was actively involved in the Educational Committee of the County Council from c 1911 and Manager of the Day Schools  

December 1913

  • SM       G Jones
  • ASM     C Geck
  • ASM     W Challis


The Great War

Reveille! a single issue magazine published January 1920 gives us the suggestion that the troop divided.  As with much else records during the war years are very slim indeed.

Sawston grew apace under Mr. Stockdale, though the Long Vacation pruned their numbers. — Swavesey and Whittlesford are still running, though we have little up-to-date knowledge of them.          (my underlining)


2nd Cambridge District (Whittlesford)

It is not clear when this troop separated from Sawston, registered or ended.  It is named in a couple of lists in 1919 and mentioned in Reveille! (above)


 2nd Cambridge District (Sawston)                          1920            (probably an error)

This entry comes from a newspaper report of a rally.  It has numerous errors of District numbers.  Sawston was 8th Cambridge District between 1919 and 1922 and it is unlikely that it altered for one year.


2nd Cambridge District (Longstowe)                       1922 – 1922                            IHQ 9499

Registered 14th February 1922 with the IHQ number 9499.

  • SM       Captain R G Briscoe                Longstowe Hall
  • ASM     O R Phillipowsky                     (originally named P Owsky in error) ‘ Oscar Ritchie’ , 20 years old at this date.

Failed to re-register in October 1922, Captain Briscoe being in Australia, re registered late in Dec 1922.  It originally had one leader and 11 Scouts

Re-registered 16th May 1923 initially with Oscar Phillipowsky but his name was crossed out at some point.  Recorded 10 Scouts

Formed 2/23 existed until 1928. No history of becoming a ‘Group’ or of moving to one of the new Districts in 1934/35 split.

Captain Briscoe was an MC (and later MP) but did not use this in scout records.  Most such awards were dropped in general use in the records after the immediate return from war.  He retained a long association with the local Scout Association.


2nd Cambridge District (Longstowe) Pack              1922 – 1922                                         IHQ 4897

Registered 14th February 1922 with the IHQ number 4897

  • CM R G Briscoe           Longstowe Hall

As with the troop it failed to re register in October 1922 and a note on the form stated ‘Exists but not registered,  originally listed as having one leader and eight Cubs


2nd Cambridge District (Longstowe)                       1923 – 1928                            IHQ 11269

Re-registered 16th May 1923 initially with Oscar Phillipowsky but his name was crossed out at some point.  Recorded 10 Scouts.  Allowing for the SM’s time in Australia the troop probably had a continuous existence, but was given a new IHQ number.  Open.   Longstowe was listed until 1928 but no record of a move to a Group number or to a new District in 1935.


2nd Cambridge District (Longstowe) Pack              1923 – 1924                            IHQ 6440

Re registered 32rd October 1923 and given a new IHQ number.  Reported to be defunct in October 1924.  As previously it had one leader and seven Cubs

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