Cambridge District Scout Archive

Many Troops and Groups were purely listed under the village name with no ‘1st’ .

See Structure/ District/ Villages named in Group Titles.

Most 1st’s were generally known by name alone. Where the formal titles recorded by HQ have been found on any occasion they have been added to this list.

These Groups are located in the old Cambridge District that included what are now Newmarket, Ely, Granta and Crafts Hill Districts. In the very early days even Wisbech was temporarily listed under Cambridge District. Some were founded after the split and have no previous Cambridge Number. Assume the records are incomplete.

See Structure/ County/ Evolution of Cambridgeshire Scout County for dates of divisions

The 1935 Mid Cambs did not name their Groups 1st but by village name. The Groups were give numbers in the 50’s when they were reabsorbed into the Cambridge District.

Newmarket had a ‘2nd’ before it became part of a new District.

1st Balsham *Newmarket
2nd Bassingbourne (which assumes a 1st)West Cambridge1948
1st Bar Hill40661/ 39311Crafts Hill1969
1st BartonWest Cambridge193617th
1st Bottisham*Mid Cambs193559th
1st Bourn39509Crafts Hill1970
1st CaldecoteWest Cambridge1936
1st Caldecote (Highfields)Crafts Hill
1st CambourneCrafts Hill
1st Comberton 36546Crafts Hill48th
1st Coton (St Peters)18967 / 45009North Cambridge13/8/
1st CottenhamMid Cambs193553rd
2nd Cottenham listed in 1984 (no 1st at that date)
1st Cottenham (SA)Crafts Hill
1st Duxford (RAF)331631957
1st  Elsworth and Boxworth42840Crafts Hill
1st ElyEly1911
1st Fenditton (Church St Mary the Virgin)44608North Cambridge1985
1st Foxton1912
1st Gamlingay *
1st Girton *North Cambridgec 1984
1st Grantchester40510West Cambridge193662nd
1st Hardwick and HighfieldsCrafts Hill
1st Highfields42300 Crafts Hill
1st Histon26641 Crafts Hill1948Grren & Gold band
1st Kenwood *Cambridge1942
1st MadingleyWest Cambridge193439th
1st NewmarketNewmarket1911
1st Oakington37900Crafts HillYellow & Red
1st Over (St Mary’s)*32640Crafts Hill1967Orange
1st Papworth Everard
West Cambridge1935
Gold & white stripe
1st Papworth44288Crafts Hill/ Cromwell
1st SawstonGranta/ Cambridge
1st Shepreth1912
1st Swavesey*43640Crafts Hill195537th
1st Toft42758Crafts Hill
1st TrumpingtonCambridge44th
1st Willingham39886Crafts Hill1963
1st Whittlesford
1st Whittlesford and Duxford37425Granta/ Cambridge1979
1st WimpoleWest Cambridge1936
1st Wisbech *Wisbech1911


Balsham Generally just ‘Balsham’, they were 1st Cambridge District and this may have confused the recorder of the entry above.

Bottisham A book ‘Scouting with the 1st Bottisham’ is available at the Cambridgeshire Collection.

Gamlingay Whilst in Cambridgeshire was absorbed into neighbouring District

Girton Became 1st Girton when it stepped away from Scout Association c 1984. Now the 1st / 2nd Cambridgeshire FSE Scout Group.

Kenwood Surrey School that relocated in 1942. A 2nd Kenwood was formed when the school returned to Surrey.

Swavesey 1st Swavesey changed to a SPonsored Gp 30/12/1967 1st St Mary’s Over.

Wisbech Unclear – possibly just included in an early Cambridge District event but before a Wisbech District.

JWR Archivist May 2020