39th Cambridge (Madingley): Outline History

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Madingley is the only Group to use the name 39th Cambridge.  It does not appear as an earlier Cambridge District troop (that is one outside Town boundaries) and the 1929 registration is not part of the national change away from the split system.  It become 1st Madingley in 1935.

1929 – 1934

Registered on 9th December 1929 with the IHQ number of 10558 the only name given was

  • Stanley Herbert Hodge           Ridley Hall

An Open group it met at the Parish Rooms.

Census returns 1930 – 1934

1st Madingley

In 1935 the District split into four Districts and Madingley moved into West Cambridge, retaining the same IHQ number.  Evidence for its continued existence is based on the Registration of a leader in The Scouter.  It is not known when it stopped.

West Cambridge District quickly faded three of the four groups failing and the fourth absorbed into South Cambridgeshire.  The experienced DC and his active wife moved out of the area before the war.  Evidence of other new groups early in the life of the District do exist, but no clear history of them persisting.  The District remained on the books for many years and later Groups were allocated to them but no later Madingley based Groups are recorded in Cambridge District records.

JWR Archivist July 2022