Captain Roland Philipps

Cambridge District Scout Archive

On May 24th 1916 Captain Roland Philipps, the Scout Commissioner for Preparatory schools wrote to P/L H R Gardiner, Kings Scout, at West Down School. 

He wrote of the work done at Euston Station by the Scouts troop which Rolf Gardiner had founded at West Down and how to suffer the mockery of others.  He also planned to visit the troop again.

Captain Philipps was killed on the 7th July 1916.

H Rolf Gardiner was later at St John’s Cambridge and became disillusioned with what he perceived to be increasing military influence in scouting.  He was to become involved in the Order of Woodcraft Chivalry and the Kindred of the Kibbo Kift.

Lionel Herbert was the Headmaster
Written in pencil the originals are faint

Rolf was later to recall ‘The news of his having fallen created heartbreak in the West Downs chapel. It was to some of us the most poignant grief of the War.’

These manuscripts are held by the Cambridge University Library.

JWR Archivist June 2019