58th Cambridge (Quy): Outline History

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Quy is the only village to use the name and number 58th Cambridge.   Registered on 2nd May 1933 with the IHQ number 15177 it held meetings in ‘the loft at Bush Farm Quy.  It was an ‘Open’ Group.

The only name given on the registration document was

  • James A Millan or Willan (unclear)

The Group returned census figures for 1933 and appears to have lasted no more than that year. 

Ahead of the 1935 split of the large Cambridge District into four it was part of North Cambridge (a District that was to quickly change names twice).  It is recorded as altering its name, alongside all the others, dropping the Xth (Cambridge) and becoming ‘Quy Scout Group’.  If this was formally carried through with IHQ is not known.

It is recorded as closed 2nd November 1934.

JWR Archivist July 2022