All Round Cords

Cambridge District Scout Archive

1910 – 1946

All Round Cords and Bushmans Thongs were called decorations being a visual marker of the number and type of proficiency badges gained.

Detail from ‘The Thought’ Carlos Stafford

They came in three colour ways;

  • green and yellow       six badges
  • red and white             twelve badges
  • gold                             eighteen badges

At least 70 years old the leather is a little brittle. The Bushmans Cord came as a length of leather and knotting instructions.

1946 – 1967

A single green Scout Cord was in use for Scouts following the start of Senior Scouts in 1946.

It required 6 proficiency badges, two from the selection, backwoodsman, camper, cook, stalker, starman, weatherman, woodcraftsman.  ‘It must be gained before the age of 15 but may be worn until he gains the Bushmans Thong or equivalent.

The following from a site whose name I have misplaced shows a mix of Scout and Senior Scout badges. The owner wrote ‘When a boy, I was a Scout. I set myself the task of gaining the highest awards as a Cub (Leaping Wolf badge), Scout (Green Cord) and Senior Scout (Queen’s Scout Award). Below is a picture of my Senior Scout shirt I still have. It’s now over 40 years old.’ (Not Cambridge)

Some of the last recipients of the cord Cambridge News September 1966

Rover Scout Ranger Cord

A local newspaper column reference in 1922 to a Ranger Cord, to which Rovers should work, has not been explored further.

It is not mentioned in the 1918 Provisional rules for Rovers (see The Dump) or 1938 POR.

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