13th Cambridge

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Note on uniform

1911 Grey shirt, blue shorts, brown scarf

7th/23rd Camp disc from 1987 held by 13th Cambridge
13th on Parade opposite Group HQ

In 1931 the Jesus and Sidney (Sussex) Rover Log records help given to the 13th Cambridge by Acting ASM A C Baxter. They state ‘This term the 13th Troop started on a new lease of life.‘ The log records five new recruits and being in preparation for Stratton Ambulance (competition). They also recorded ‘Each week two Scouts fetch a cripple from the District who watches the evening and whenever possible joining in.’ Notes elsewhere suggest this was an individual over many weeks, not one a week. A C Baxter accompanied them on the Whitsun camp and the contact continued. In Lent 1932 the Rovers entertained 13h rovers to a ‘social’. Two members of Jesus (part of the joint Patrol) lead signaling on Coldham’s Common on Sundays. ‘The ruder the signal is the more chance it has of getting through’. The Troop ‘has taken up tumbling.’ It was also recorded that ‘Attendance improved since (a) Court of Honour was really set in motion‘.

JWR Archivist Mar 2019