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Silver Wolf

As a central player in the 23rd Cambridge for the best part of 50 years and an active participant in District Scouting he was well regarded.  The 23rd were an active troop and group and it is from their very strong Rover Crew that the Everlasting letter, maintaining contact between the dissipated members in WWII, originated.  Members of this Crew were directly influential in Cambridge Scouting for many years and many now in Cambridge Scouting have memories of that Crew.  

Fred c 1923 (but the woggle might suggest that it was later)
c 1935 from A J Covell album Cambridgeshire Collection

The full obituary by W T Thurbon has not been located, I assume that it exists, but this short piece The Scouter, gives the highlights of his service.

1898 – 1979 died 20/10/79 Asked by the founder of the 23rd, Arthur Garlick, to take over the Troop in 1919. He was to be called the Association Churchwarden and the 23rd Rover Crew regularly demonstrated a strong attendance at 08.00 Communion on a Sunday, once a month.

It was Fred’s quip that he was in scouting on a temporary basis. His wound was a shattered knee.

A recently discovered note from Bill (probably W T Thurbon) lists his roles as

  • SM and GSL 23rd 1919 – 1973
  • ADC(S) 1932 – 1964 and as ADC also on County Scout Committee
  • ADC i/c HQ 1939 – 1945
  • i/c Equipment store in the wartime absence of Ken North and auditor for many years
  • Cambridge District Exec 1928 – 1968
  • Founder member and 1st Captain of the Scout Boat Club
  • Active in Concerts, Gang shows
  • Warrant holder for 54 years.

He received Medal of Merit in 1935, Silver Acorn in 1958 and Silver Wolf in 1970

  • 1923 First captain of the Cambridge Scouts Boat Club, rowing in the Town bumps in 1923 and 1924
  • 1945    A report of a Scouts Own appeared in the CDN, author unknown.  In consequence Fred Feary was appointed Press Representative.     District Minutes

His Warrant was cancelled in 1968.  This went through the County Secretary, Professor Patrick Duff, who commented ‘It is not often that I handle a warrant signed by the Founder’. (The dates do not agree with the report above)

This one picture of Fred has been located at a tribute in December 1969.

April 14th 1969 Cambridge News

Fred retired from an active Scouting role in 1973.

7th / 23rd          The suggestion that the amalgamated 7th/23rd be called Fred Feary’s Own was raised after his death.  This it was proposed to the District but no further information about the decision making process is available and it was not carried through.

A Fred Feary fund for furniture at Abington was started as a memorial, the surplus sums raised were to become a fund to support Cambridge Scouts to attend Jamborees.

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