World Scout Jamboree Participants

Cambridge District Scout Archive

1924     Second World Jamboree in Denmark 

My duties as Chief Judge were of a supervisory character and as a referee when the Danish judges disagreed. I found I had also to watch some of their awards to the British Troop, so as to offset their natural assumption that British Scouting must be the best, as the Movement started in that country, and B.-P. was born there. All this meant that I was continually about the camp and its neighbourhood all day, and most of the night at times. The Cambridge University Rover Scout crew observed this, and told me that any time I passed by their little camp there would always be something for me to eat and drink. ‘

Cambridge Archives

‘In 1929 some of our scouts attended the Jamboree held at Arrowe Park, Birkenhead. I understand it was rough weather-wise, Arrowe mud often being mentioned afterwards! At this time scouts gave 1d. a head towards the cost of purchasing a Rolls Royce and Caravan for the Chief and Lady B.P ; it was referred to as the ”Jam Rolls”.’

‘Many of the 31st (University Rovers) were on the staff of Arrowe’ from a review in 1930

‘The District has always sent its “quota” of boys to the various International Jamborees. I remember in 1947, I think this was the first post war one, when the area contingent was led by Maurice Howard, then S.M. of the 60th (Leys School) Troop. I had the job of seeing the boys at a weekend “get together” when we had to decide on any uniform items which were needed to bring the contingent up to a smart standard. We were allowed a special allocation of clothing coupons for the purpose. History, in a way, repeated itself before the last Jamboree, two or three yours ago, but this time, Roger Woollard handled this at a similar weekend. The only difference being that it was not clothing coupons needed; but, due to inflation, the cost was so high that the Shop supplied the requirements, which with the present day uniforms (as against khaki shorts, etc.), there was no comparison, we gave the boys a special discount.’ 70 years a Scout

1957               ‘ Scouts from 84 parts of the world attended an International Conference in Cambridge, following the World Jubilee Jamboree. The bright blue caps from Finland, flowing white kaffyeh and agae from Lebanon, broad hats from Mexico and the red tarbouch from Morocco were a colourful sight in the Guildhall where they were welcomed by the Mayor, Councillor B. White’  57 08 14a & 17   [Misc.4.5, 1.13] Mike Petty


The Scouts named below have been identified as attending the World Scout Jamborees since 1920.

None from the County attended the 10th Jamboree.

No named participants have yet been identified for 13th, 15th, 16th and 19th Jamborees.

1st        1920                London          UK                 

‘There is a note of advance arrangements being made for a party to take part in the National Jamboree to be held at Olympia from 30th July to 7th August.  I have no details of a party attending, but feel sure we must have been represented’   Ken North 70 Years of Scouting

Rev Herbert K F Kirkpatrick Vicar All Saints is recorded as the organiser of the Cambridge Jamboree contingent for 1920. He was SM 8th Cambridge, ADC and later Archdeacon Ely.

SM Hutchinson writes ‘You should have seen the representatives of 26 Nations at the great International Jamboree at Olympia last August..’ in his Our Scouting Column in the local press. He was SM of the 11th and sometimes the 6th Cambridge.

            ‘Olympia jamboree in August’     list of activities  from History of the 9th Cambridge

In 1927 it was observed that University Troop had participated.

2nd        1924            Denmark       

Sixteen were in a photograph in the Cambridge University archives, many identified as Cambridge students, including three from St John’s. Cost £5 each

3rd        1929          Arrowe Park, Birkenhead            UK                       

            District Minutes note ‘had asked for 50 places for Cambridge (shire)’  ‘Some of our scouts attended’.       Walter Miller, of the 23rd attended, his badge is below. Cambridge/ shire was based at the extreme north of the site next to Czecho- Slovakian Scouts with their wood walled tents.  The Cambridgeshire gate is depicted, described as ‘one of two Cambridge Dons here’ in the camp magazine. ‘Jamboree at Arrowe Park, Birkenhead’ CT Wood 9th

Some University Rovers were supporting the central teams for up to four weeks. Four are named. Others camped as part of CURST and one at least with their home troop.

Property of Walter Miller

4th        1933            Hungary         

Two Scouts applied to attend.             District Minutes, University recorded four names at present.

5th        1937    Several members of the (5th) Troop to attend Jamboree in Vogelenzang, Holland. A number from 1st Harston (South Cambridgeshire) travelled to Holland and visited for a day. Whittlesford Sea Scouts (also South Cambridgeshire) sailed across and were present, as visitors, for the Chief’s farewell speech. See Local History/ Outstanding events/ Goodson Watch.

Union flag and ‘Troop 8’ badge
  • 5th Cambridge 5 Perse School inc D C Tebbitt
  • 12th Cambridge 11
  • 23rd Cambridge 4
  • 29th Cambridge 2
  • 36th Cambridge 1
  • 60th Cambridge 9 Leys School
  • 1st Papworth 2
  • 1st March 2
12th Cambridge contingent beneath the Cambridgeshire Sub Camp 1 gateway. Centre has been identified as Leslie Jaggard
BP driving through the Camp gate seen above
12th Cambridge at 1937 Jamboree

Rovers from the University were asked to act as embarkation operators

PL Whitaker is one of 2 Kings Scouts from Cambridge among the 48 UK Scouts to attend the Jamboree in Washington.  The original flag of the 12th Cambridge has a badge from this Jamboree attached. (This was a concurrent American Jamboree)

University Rovers Ted Bindloss and George Phillips ‘were heading to Australia for the Jamboree’ of 1939.

            1941    Planned hosts France – cancelled owing to international situation

6th        1947 France   

  • …’allocated 18 places in the County Contingent for the Jamboree’            
  • Fuller, Gillings, Harding, Kitson (1st), Oxenham (5th), Latter, Little (7th), Friend, Marshall, Tyler (11th), Blackwell (19th), J W Oatley, CC Gunn (60th) (incomplete list or not adding to 18, from Leys archives) The Leys (60th) recorded 8, possibly including M Howard as leader and R L Rothwell-Jackson and scouts F. (B?) Hilborne and J.A.M. Ellis – which would make 18 Scouts.
  • Cambridge Scout shop fitting out participants.          
  • Area contingent lead by Maurice Howard SM 60th with F P Ellwood 12th and C Goakes (1st March)       
  • CUSC   Transport office to and from the Jamboree
  • Admin Assistant Mr Patrick Duff (County Sec and Professor)
  • British HQ Mess run by Cambridge and Oxford Rover Crew and 16 wee requested to assist embarkation.

The costs for Scouts from Huntingdonshire was £25 each, of which this rich District subsidized each boy by £15 and the troop another £5.

7th        1951    Austria Included Scouts from the City              cost c. ₤51

           Eight attended; K Hurrell and M Oakley from the 60th (Leys), P Read and SM (S) Malcolm A McFarlane, who lead the Cambridgeshire contingent 5th (Perse), Fred Wright (Bottisham), Malcolm Watson (Soham), B Hurst (Wisbech), R Cook (Dalham) and Ellis Brock (Cambridge). See also Camp gateways. University Rovers asked to support the British HQ. The 11th list ‘some at’ but no names.

Unknown contingent – but too good to omit.
Cambridgeshire Contingent site with gateway (see Camp gateways)

8th        1955    Canada  2 from Cambridge John Boocock and David Greenwood (both 5th)

9th        1957    United Kingdom 16 First class Scouts from 7 groups and a day trip of 400 from Cambridge,

5th Cambridge four participants, 54th Cambridge sent R Patman, P Pendred and J Barnfield selected by the first to reach first class.   Also Rob Farringdon and Robin Summerfield

10th      1959    Philippines  The tenth World Scout Jamboree reunion page lists 94 Scouts who attended from the UK, none of which came from Cambridgeshire.

11th      1963    Greece    Cambridge LA £25 to Greek Jamboree Fund. Final cost / head c £80. Christopher Squires and Malcolm McGregor attended of the 23rd.  Cambridgeshire allotment was noted as being ‘not full’ in 1962. In 1963 9 boys were recorded as going from the County, 4 from Cambridge: a later note listed boys from 5th, 7th, 23rd, 28th and 60th were fund raising.

12th      1967    United States (Idaho) 3 from Cambridgeshire, 2 from Cambridge – ₤3 sent by 54th to support representatives of Cambridge District: William Wheeler (14th), John Short of the 12th (below) and Michael Brown (5th). The 12th donated £45 to John Shorts costs. The total contingent from the country was 130.

In new style uniforms

13th      1971    Japan The County declined to support any applicant for the Japan Jamboree because if the cost (April 1970). It is not known if any went.

14th      1975    Norway    7 from Cambridge District (as the committee couldn’t decide and requested an extra place from HQ) from 13 applicants  One each from 6th/17th, 11th/9th(ex 28th), 12th, 26th, 29th, 1st Over, Waterbeach.  ₤140 each or 221⅞ Green Shield Stamp books.  Co-op stamps could also be redeemed.  The 11th/9th record collecting 25.375 books of Green Shield stamps and 8.5 Coop books          Home Hospitality – Finland

Michael Pierson, Steven George, David Raymond (Rayner?), Leslie Gladwell, Roger Cater, Nigel Poulton, Barry O’Bryne (26th).

            1979    Iran  Cancelled Feb 1979 It was anticipated to cost ₤350 – 400 and deemed expensive.   The District AGM noted ‘ impressed at the quality of boys who applied to attend.’ Cambridge participants were re routed to Kanderstag, Switzerland with Home Hospitality probably in Switzerland. Scouts from Fulbourn Troop are recorded as attending and County recorded 11 boys and 1 leader Mr D G Tiplady, from East Cambridgeshire attending. One from the 5th is listed. The cost reduced to £200 each

Mug from cancelled Jamboree in Iran
Mug from replacement Jamboree at Kanderstag

15th      1983 Canada

16th      1987 Australia  (cost £1500)

17th      1991 South Korea   1st Cambridge Sea Scouts record fund raising for three Scouts. Ashley Tapp, Andrew Thompson and Mark Rowland. The cost was £2000 each and fund raising and donations reduced the cost to parents to £431.67. Donations were received from some Colleges. No mention of a wider County contingent is made in the records in the Cambridgeshire Collection.

18th      1995    Netherlands  4 from 54th with a leader to oversee. Three Counties contingent badge below.

19th      1999 Chile No County contingent but a regional one with four from Cambridgeshire, one of whom was from Cambridge (from the 12th) at a cost of £2,350 (attendance/ name not yet confirmed). The badge below is not Cambridgeshire/ Region specific. The political tensions around the detention of General Pinochet in London made this uncertain until the last days. Early Guide contingents flew out just before Christmas and the planned stay in a hotel was cancelled because of the uncertainty – they were bussed directly to the camp to enjoy sausage and mash for Christmas dinner. A contingent from six members of CUSAGC attended as part of the International Service Team.

20th      2003    Thailand     Cambridge scouts 4 from 12th and a leader, and 2 from 28th c £2500. In total six were named in 2003 Cambridge District newsletter. One was mistaken for Harry Potter – it is not clear why but the press were outside the UK tents trying to get a photograph.

21st      2007    UK Cambridge Scouts and Scouters both as visitors and helpers. The 12th Scouts did a day trip, Claydon family helped erect and dismantle, leaders from the 28th, Bull family and others at Water Park (Ipswich).

22nd      2011    Sweden  Cambridge scouts 36 from Cambridgeshire £1,800, Unit leader Marc Wiseman, leaders from 28th


23rd      2015      Japan     Cambridge scouts Members of the 28th as part of IST,

24th      2019     United States  Cambridge scouts 45 from Cambridgeshire

25th  2023 Korea Cambridge Scouts 45 from Cambridgeshire (120 wanted places) £3895 each and 21 adults, 16 in the International Service Team. Units 18 and 26, one Cambridgeshire, one shared with Norfolk.


World Scout Indaba (Gathering of Leaders)

No list of attendees has yet been located for these events. Details will be added as identified.


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