40th Cambridge (Foxton): Outline History

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Foxton is the only village to use the name and number 40th Cambridge.

It had one previous incarnation as 7th Cambridge District (that is outside the town boundaries) running between 1912 and 1915.

40th Cambridge (Foxton)       (Foxton and District)

1930 – 1940

Registered on 5th March 1930 with the IHQ number 10997 it was an ‘Open’ group and met at the Village Hall.  The title ‘Foxton and District’ is a format occasionally used in smaller village centres to cover nearby villages or hamlets, presumably to entice and not alienate members from a wider catchment area and with the secondary benefit of not needing a name change if it does encompass a second village.  Such titles are frequently shortened in usage if not on the registration documents.

The Group gave census returns

  • Scouts  1930 – 1933
  • Cubs    1931 – 1933
  • Rovers  1930 – 1932

It is likely that the Rover(s) was a leader probably from the University helping the Group.  Leaders on registration, both with Foxton addresses, were:

  • William Charles Legge                       SM
  • Harry Nicholls

In 1935 the District split into four.  The 40th became part of South Cambridgeshire District, later Granta, and dropped from Cambridge District records.  The missing census returns for 1934 are unexplained, but a missing year is not altogether unusual in early years.

A date of 1940 is found for the closure of the Group.

JWR Archivist July 2022