60th Cambridge(Leys): Review of Rover Scouting 1938 – 1968 by R P Ayres

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The following was found in the records of DC F A J Mackenzie (Alan).  It is a summary of Rover scouting at the Leys school, Cambridge, from its foundation to the implementation of the Advance Report in 1968/1969.  The author is assumed to be GSL of the 60th Reg P Ayres.

A single record in the Leys Archive mentions an earlier arrangement, ‘abolished old Senior Crew and integrated them with the Rovers’. They were described elsewhere as the Senior Patrol, presumably the oldest members of the Troop as opposed to the Junior Troop.

Records remain of meetings held at the home of Reg Ayres , 6 Rustat Road, until 1971, although no formal end date is recorded. Several of these were based around talks by old Crew members.

A letter in the Leys archives suggests that Reg Ayres was involved in Scouting at a County level into his 80’s, holding a Honourary ACC role and an International advisory role.

JWR Archivist Mar 2021