Oswald Bell

Cambridge District Scout Archive

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In the local newspaper obituary Oswald is noted for forging links between Rangers and Venture Scouts ‘ and his pioneer work in setting up units at a local level was adopted as national policy.’

Oswald Bell was ‘an Expert Educationalist’ being the first Director of the Cambridge Institute of Education, a post he held for 20 years. He is quoted as questioning the relevance of Scouting in 1960 by Sian Edwards in ‘Youth Movements, Citizenship and the English Countryside: Creating Good Citizens’. It is not evident that she appreciated his involvement in the movement.

He was chair of the European Commission of Cooperation and Co-Education of the World Bureau of Scouts and Guides. Practically Oswald also ran a camp at Abington for scouts and Guides from throughout western Europe to come and learn English.

Oswald was awarded the Silver Wolf in 1972.

JWR Archivist Nov 2019