E Pack: Hope Class

Cambridge District Scout Archive

1922 – 1926

Registered in 1922 and 1923 this Pack was a Controlled under the auspices of the Cambridge Voluntary Association for Mental Welfare.  This body was part of the movement for the care of ‘backward’ children instigated, amongst others, by Ida Darwin of Cambridge. It was another instance of Cambridge initiated voluntary welfare bodies that were the precursor to adoption by local authorities and national movements.

From Ida Darwin’s Obituary in the Times “When her interest and sympathy were awakened in the unhappy and hazardous lot of the mentally deficient, she worked quietly and unweariedly on their behalf, and she had no small share in bringing about the Act of 1913.”

The family were to fund the movement of Littleton House School to Cambridge, later the 16thCambridge (Littleton House School), Littleton House School Troop whilst in West Cambridge District and later 52nd Cambridge Troop and Group. 

The word Voluntary was dropped from the title in 1915 when the County Council became responsible for its funding which suggests a start date of before 1915. The pack is clearly known to exist from before 1920. Census returns are available from 1922 to 1926 but not 1921, the first year available in the District, or for 1925.

The Pack appears to have two completely different sets of leaders in the two year with registration forms. In 1923 the Cubmasters were supported by five Rovers from Emmanuel College Cambridge.


Meetings were held at Paradise Street, possibly based at or as part of the Jesus Lane Sunday School.

  • Mrs Cook                     CN
  • G W Webb                   ACM
  • Miss Leticia C Dixon
  • Miss D Gross


  • Miss Durstan?             CM
  • C S Deakin                  ACM                Queens’
  • N Armstrong              Rover               Emmanuel
  • W J Drake                   Rover               Emmanuel
  • L Brown                      Rover               Emmanuel
  • C N Johns                   Rover               Emmanuel
  • S E Taylor                    Rover               Emmanuel

The children were identified in the terminology of the era as ‘Backward Mental’ and the pack was 26 in number.

JWR Archivist June 2022