Stained glass Scout

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Detail of ‘Womanhood’, at All Saints Church, Cambridge. Photo by Adrian Powter

The Womanhood window at All Saints Church on Jesus Lane, Cambridge is a work by Douglas Strachan from 1944.   It is the gift of John Murrish, founding Scoutmaster of the 12th Cambridge whose scarf is reproduced in the glass in its 1943 form.

The central panel shows the Virgin and the Child as a mother with a baby, standing behind a young boy dressed as a Scout; he’s just taking his first step into the wider world.

from 12th Cambridge Archives, unknown Scout modelling the pose

This detail is flanked by women caring for strangers and for the sick, and by four portraits of famous women of compassion, charity, and bravery: Elizabeth Fry, Josephine Butler, Cecile Isherwood, and Edith Cavell.

The donor is not named in this piece.

A fuller description is available from from where this photograph has been reproduced.

Many other instances of stained glass incorporating Scout pictures or symbols are known including several of Carlos’ The Pathfinder. One other instance of a Scout leader in Cambridge funding stained glass is known; MacFarlane Grieve at Magdalene College. This does not have a Scout element. See under Individuals.

JWR Archivist Apr 2019