14th Cambridge (St Luke’s) Outline History

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The 14th Cambridge (St Luke’s) Scout Group was started in 1953. St Luke’s sits on Victoria Road, Cambridge. The now demolished Victoria Road Congregational Church was directly next door and hosted the 25th Scout Group from 1938 until the late 1940’s when the leadership team was lost.  The 25th diminished to a pack and finally ended in 1951. 

The Vicar Rev. Canon George K Tibbatt was DCC, and in 1930’s a member of the University Rovers and member of Sidney Sussex.  He arrived at St Luke’s in 1952.

1953 – 2022

The Group was opened in October 1953 and returned a view on hats in 1954 (P.L.’s for ‘Choice’, Committee for ‘Berets’).  Census returns start in 1954 (pack) and in 1955 pack and troop which continue until end of Group recordings in 1972.  Both Pack and Troop are running at this date 2022.

From St Luke’s Parish Magazine 1957 and 1958

In 1957 they had Pack, Troop and Senior Scouts.    They record Senior Scouts in 1955 and 1958 – 1961 (census returns are generally a year behind). They were camping in Wales and the Seniors in Yorkshire and by February 1957 were raising money for a tent and camping at Abington. 

In March the Senior Scouts had two patrols (Scott and Mitchell) and the Cubs were full strength.  Scouts ran four patrols. They were running Whist drives each months and jumble sales to raise money for camping equipment. They did not record Rovers.

The Troop was active campers, camping again in June and August, making a 30’ lift up a tree and an aerial runway.

By January 1958 the Scouts had a fifth patrol and were running entertainments to raise money.   The leaders are not named but individual entries are sometimes initialled.

  • GKT                   probably Rev. Canon G K Tibbatt, the vicar

The Group were actively seeking new Senior Scouts and the troop met at the Parish Rooms in Victoria Road. 

The Scouts entered the County rafting competition held on the Territorial Army lake off Coldhams Lane on 31/5 – 1/6.  They had to build, sail, steer and paddle a raft, sleep on it overnight and cook supper and breakfast aboard.  They had the lightest raft and won two races but one float springing a leak they were obliged to sleep ashore and came fifth of five entries.  The raft was, even so, chosen by CUSAGC to be their vessel on the river the next day.

  • Ian Hinton       ASM    

The troop had also joined the Scout Boat Club where they entered Tubby races and IV’s.  These were, apparently, raced as Groups as they were defeated by the 12th Cambridge.

The Troop recorded each patrol had held a camp and whilst the Cubs did not appear to camp they were still active over the summer.  In July the Group held a Summer Fair with free rides in the Trek cart and an aerial runway.  Elsewhere they record pioneering – a swing bridge and camp shower are mentioned.

Badges are irregularly recorded, the five marksman badges being the most noteworthy – bringing forth an apparently light hearted call for disarmament.

  • RFT                  SM and contacted at the Vicarage

When they participated in District events, they were second in the Morley Competition in 1958, they do not appear to have won any trophies in this incarnation, other than the 2013 Cub Chess.  The records of the Cambridge North District (1983 – 2001) are, however, missing. 

  • Wilf Wheeler (Chiefy) was recalled as the central driving force of the 14th for many years.  Born 1918 and in the RAF in WW2 his involvement was post war.  An obituary does not give significant details. He was connected with St Luke’s church.  Died 1977.

1968 – 1984

The Group recorded Venture Scouts from 1968 to 1983 after which census details are not available. Members participated in the Gang Shows and have remained strong in the arts.

  • Brian Crow (SA) 1973 – date

The records from North Cambridge District (1983 – 2001) are poor.

2000 – 2022

The remnants of the 1st Cambridge joined with the 14th in 2001, although most did not stay.

  • Chris Scott (SA) 2001 – date

Regular participants at District camps, winners of the 2013 Cub’s Chess and organizers of the Cub Swimming badge.

JWR Archivist June 2022